The fall garden: beautiful decadence

It’s fall, and I know that for this year there will be no more pretty pictures from the garden…now officially the fall garden.

But there will be beautiful ones. Beautiful decadence on the cusp of the changing season. My northern California fall garden is the subject of this gallery of images—an  hour of shooting at summer’s end…

The garden faithfully pleases…despite my inattention, lack of responsibility, neglect. This is why it is my first love…The dishes need washing. The yard is in desperate need of raking. The canines went back to bed waiting for me—to finish  a walk around the garden. My sweet beautiful, neglected garden.

Spring is always so hopeful in the yard. The perennials return, faithfully, one by one. The garden centers and flower vendors bring forth the perfect bloom in a 4” pot just begging for placement in that perfect place I always seem to have when I see them on the nursery bench.

Then reality sets in. Travel—for work or pleasure, that takes my attention from the living things that are my faithful companions season after season. I miss a watering session, forget to feed…go days sometimes without even a look.

no more pretty pictures from this garden…but once again I have discovered this autumn morning, beautiful ones.




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