The Podcast Is Live! Season 1, Episode 1

Here we go!

This is it! Welcome to the first episode in the first of what I hope will be many seasons of the Along For The Ride Podcast. I’m your host Sharon Bice. Come along each week and with the help of fascinating people I know, you will enjoy stories from the road, interviews of fellow travelers plus travel tips and tricks gleaned from my nearly 4 years of traveling in my self-built Ram Promaster van.

I am so passionate about travel that I could not stop thinking about sharing my experience! Because I am a solo traveler I wanted a way to share my passion and experience with friends and family and that is how this podcast was born. I have been a creator my entire life; visual artist, fiber artist, and photographer. The show notes for each episode will include links described which could be to my interviewee, GPS coordinates to that week’s awesome camping spot, or links to great books, resources, apps, and always some of my best photographs to enjoy.

Together we’ll discover the diverse culture and people from around the United States encountered along my travels. Sometimes I’ll bring the show from culturally iconic cities such as New Orleans, LA, or the Sonoma County Wine Country. Other weeks may be a discovery and exploration of a little-known scenic byway that led me to a town that you probably had never heard of yet but absolutely need to!

I left a 20-year corporate job to travel solo in my
self-built tiny home on wheels.

This week I am sharing my personal story. From my earliest memories of camping with my family near southern California to growing up on our goat farm in Northern California. I married an adventurer and have always felt a kinship to nature plus inherited genetics of wanderlust and the drive to explore new places. I can look back on this life and see I was destined to be exactly where I am now.

This week I’m leaving for the Big Island of Hawaii! It’s been over 30 years since being there so I am very excited to reconnect with friends, hiking, exploring everything this amazing place has to offer and just live like a local and close to nature. I will be blogging here and recording for another podcast episode. So please stay tuned and bookmark this page for more to come.

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Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

– Ibn Battuta