Is Solo RV Travel For You?

Plus Jennifer Bice talks World Travel
Season 1 Episode 2 of the Along For The Ride Podcast

Finding adventure and culture around the world or in your own backyard

Thanks for coming Along For The Ride with me! This episode was so fun to produce! I interview award-winning Cheesemaker and entrepreneurial businesswoman Jennifer Bice. She shares with us her passion for dairy goats, travel, and a curiosity for exploring new cultures. Jennifer and I have traveled together on a number of occasions and have shared many exciting discoveries together. She is my sister (!) so our connection with farming, family and travel have been lifelong!

Traveling solo: pros and cons

Afraid to travel alone? Well, start here! Traveling can be so exciting and expose you to worlds you’ve never imagined. Here are some links that I mentioned in the podcast, and others you might find helpful for starting out on your own adventure.
You can visit this beautiful farm a couple of times of the year, in spring and early fall. You may also be able to arrange a private tour. Their beautiful website has a lot of great photos and information on visiting the farm and purchasing a beautiful bouquet or their artisan olive oil.
Check-out Meetup to find groups and activities whereever you are traveling. A worldwide organization that brings people with all interests together. (HOWA)
A great place for education and resources for anyone wanting to RV travel in the United States. This organization hosts “virtual” caravans where you can connect with fellow travelers. In addition they organize in-person caravans on where you can find like-minded travelers. Even if you are a solo traveler, you don’t have to camp alone! I have joined the HOWA caravans numerous times over the past few years and have made life-long friends. (CRVL)
This is a great resource to for anyone wanting to travel on a budget. Bob Wells is at the helm and shares his long time experience traveling on a budget. So much good info on this site including Bob’s unique philosophy on living your best life!

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

– Ibn Battuta